Pleasure for the Planet

Sacred Activism for the 21st Century
Rooted in the Body and Radiating from the Heart

Gayatri Beegan

Meet your Guide

Gayatri is a Sacred Sexuality professional devoted to bringing 21st century consciousness to ancient wisdom and practices. Since 2012 she has been offering sacred spaces for people to discover the aliveness of their being through conscious touch and erotic awakening.

Known for her refreshingly natural and joyful approach, Gayatri is a full earth-bound goddess. Central to her work is grounding in safety, cultivating sensitivity, and embodying the sacred.

In 2019, Gayatri was guided to create Pleasure for the Planet to support the evolution of consciousness through embodiment of sexuality.

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“I used to think that top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change. I thought that thirty years of good science could address these problems. I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy, and to deal with these we need a cultural and spiritual transformation” - Gus SpethI (Scientist and US Advisor on climate change)

Is there a way beyond the current state we are in? Are we ready to embrace a cultural and spiritual transformation in order to shift our relationship to the Earth?

‘Pleasure for the Planet’ is a 21-day intentional experiment to connect with the pleasure of the body, and offer it up for the planet.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the problems in the environment. Faced with the growing awareness of what’s happening to life of Earth, people are experiencing “climate grief” and existential angst. This feeling of overwhelm can cause us to shut down into numbness and disassociation. It’s easier to stick our heads in the sand and hope it will all go away. When we really stop to notice the harm we are doing to ourselves, one another, and the Earth herself, it hurts!

What can we do? How can we make a positive difference whilst living our lives with all the other demands and pressures of 21st century living?

One of the big challenges we are facing right now when it comes to the choices we make about how we live our lives and the impact it has on our environment, is simply the fact that many people find it difficult to really care. Life is already busy and demanding, and trying to understand what makes a difference can seem like an impossible task. We are so distant and removed from the consequences of our choices that it is easy to stick our heads in the sand.

Or the choices feel punitive and restrictive. Giving up the things that bring us pleasure – such as buying new clothes, purchasing “must have” products, flying to an exotic destination for our two weeks holiday. If we have to give up all this, is life actually worth living?

Is there another choice between rampant consumerism, and punitive sacrifice?

What if we could feel good about making good choices?

“Bodily pleasure is the source from which all our good feelings and good thinking stems. Pleasure is the creative force in life. Many believe this role belongs to love. But if love is to be more than a word, it must rest on the experience of pleasure." - Alexander Lowen

Pleasure for the Planet is not a course that takes you from A to Z (though you will learn a lot and possibly be transformed in the process) but an energetic “field of resonance” with the intention of bringing greater pleasure into the world for healing and awareness.

We have these amazing bodies yet most of the time they are nothing more than a meat suit for the mind. When was the last time you actually felt your own skin when you showered? When was the last time you felt the aliveness of your body moving? Or savoured the food your were eating?

When you celebrate your body, you celebrate existence.

Yet it won’t be all “love and light” and hugging trees. To truly open to the aliveness of the body, we need to be willing to get in touch with the places where it hurts. Your capacity for pleasure is only as great as your capacity to meet the pain of existence – the sadness, the grief and the anger. They go hand in hand.

When there is stress and overwhelm, many people find themselves numbing down or zoning out. We distract ourselves by picking up the smart phone and scrolling through Facebook, or turning on the TV. We busy our minds with stimulation and information rather than reaching out for nourishment and fulfilment.

It is no coincidence that the word we use for our engagement with the manufactured world is “consumerism”. We have an appetite for buying products, tantalised by marketing and advertising, and then literally consume the products that we buy. We are trying to feed a hunger that cannot be satisfied by having more material things.

We are suffering from spiritual starvation, and need nourishment for the Soul. Replenish yourself body, heart and soul with Pleasure.